Rodolfo Cruz García, taster certificate: "Since I was very small I have experience with the specialty coffee since I was born in the field, and my parents were producers clearly of coffee.

Be coffee taster is a very specialised profession that, in Peru, one of the few certified Rodolfo Cruz. With more than 22 years in the coffee industry, but an entire life dedicated to its cultivation as she grew up and was born in the countryside, in the sierra de Piura. He is currently the manager of the area of quality control, analytical, physical and sensory, in the Agricultural cooperative Norandino, is taster certified Q Grader, being the person that is in charge of identifying the best strains, so that the coffee that produces Inkaworld can be distributed at an international level.

According to Rudolph the experience of coffee is a passion that takes her blood as she grew up between the cultures of their parents, so you learned how to identify a good cup of coffee from planting, as well as to know all its processes until reaching the final consumer. “To find a good-quality coffee, we must first know what is the variety, to know the work of the producer and geographical location. We here at the co-op we work with specialty coffees, organic produce that is grown from 1,200 meters to 2,000 meters above the sea level.”


Rodolfo is a taster certified by the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) and has the license taster of coffee Q Grader, the education program of the most recognized globally for professionals in the coffee sector, only 3,500 people worldwide have this accreditation and certification, and in Peru only 55 professional coffee carry this distinction.

His vast experience and knowledge of the coffee, what led him to international recognition, being an important reference for the industry, so that has traveled repeatedly to countries such as Germany, the united States, Canada, and much of Central America, especially as a jury to qualify the best coffee in the world.

Rodolfo, prepare carefully for the samples to teach us how to make a wine tasting session, which according to quality standards should have a length of between 35 to 40 minutes. Your job is to smell, to recognize their scents, taste with the utmost delicacy and feel their particularities. After you understand their attributes, spits the sample without eating and then moves on to the next; in the meantime we briefly explains the meaning of a coffee-flavored chocolate, or fruity flavors, with flavors panela, or with fragrances to species.

It also tells us about The main attributes organoleptic a coffee as the aroma, flavor, body, acidity, and bitterness, as well as also the color, texture, cream, with different features as the toast, the variety of coffee and place of origin, attributes that will allow you to give a final score to your wine Tasting session.

We have received is truly a master class Tasting in a laboratory conditioning especially for awakening all the senses, that Rudolph called “the heart of the co-Op”, the only institute authorized in Peru to give license to tasters and laboratories that want to become certified.

In Peru, considered to be Rudolf, the producers have made a lot of progress in cultivating high quality coffees. Coffee is one of the items of most important export of the country: to Be the cooperative Norandino, where he has been working for 22 years, which exports 10 percent of coffee production across the country, working hand-in-hand with 3,500 thousand coffee producers, who have 20 thousand hectares, mainly located in Piura, Lambayeque and Cajamarca.

“We as a cooperative, we support and train our producer-partners who work their crops, 100 % organic, producing a high quality coffee, and we support their children by offering scholarships and practices of 6 months, not only coffee but also cocoa and sugar cane, as that is the true feeling of our work and our commitment to our farmers and their families.”