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Coffee: Prodigious Aromas

Enjoy a good coffee, it is one of the greatest pleasures of life, especially, if it has the color and the acidity required, with a high quality and an organic process, as the coffee Inkaworld, able to delight with its fragrance to even the most demanding palates.

From the origin, we work carefully so that the coffee that we process has the quality required for their consumption in the world, offering a variety of coffee for the taste-specific consumer.

This product is 100% organic Arabica roasted and ground coffee. It is available both bulk or in smaller packages, in their three presentations, with a performance cup of either 80, 83 and 87 points; differentiated by their origin, variety, altitude, and geography, which strictly comply with the standards of safety and quality.

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Our coffees are in the hands of certified Q Grader tasters; a professional team of experts that assess and certify the quality.

Benefits of coffee

Nutritional Value

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the capacity of supply of Coffee INKAWORLD green beans; as well as roasted coffee and/or ground?

We have the ability to supply Coffee bean Green, on sale in bulk in bags of 69 kilos (Quintal and a half) each bag.
For its part, The coffee roasted and/or also it can be packed in bags of 12.5 kg in their respective boxes each bag.
Sales volumes, in both cases, it is from 1 ton, as well as in containers of 20 tons more.

What is the capacity of supply of Green Coffee beans?

We have the ability to supply green Coffee beans for direct distribution to the Toasters or the supermarket, or according to the requirement of the client.
In both cases, sales of green coffee beans, roasted or /and ground, and the sales volumes are from 1 ton, as well as in containers of 20 tons on.

What are the areas of distribution of the Coffee INKAWORLD?

Currently our areas of distribution, are in the United States, Mexico and Canada.

What certifications does INKAWORLD Coffee arrive with in the United States, Mexico and Canada?

All of the products and their varieties of presentation of the Coffee INKAWORLD, feature a tab technique in each, in which also indicates the type of certifications they have, where it includes the organic products; this information is also in each of the packaging of our products.

How long is the shipping time since the coffee leaves Peru, to the United States, Mexico and Canada:

Depending on the availability of the product, when it is already ready to get out of Peru to the United States, Mexico and Canada, the average is 15 to 20 days approximately.

Some modifications of times or mode of packaging may be agreed with the clients according to the requirement.