A famous publication on Nat Geo called the cacao white as the best on the planet.

Peru is currently the second largest producer of organic cacao in the world, whose quality is internationally recognized. In addition, it is one of the few countries where it is grown cacao white, and the region of Piura is the epicenter for the planting and harvesting of this variety of cacao, which is considered the best on the planet.

Piura is a region exclusive of Peru that grows cacao white, which stands out among other varieties for their high quality, excellent aroma, flavor and low acidity, as well as for its high tolerance to major diseases affecting cacao.

Production sites are primarily located in the regions of San Juan de Bigote and Chulucanas in the province of Morropón. Montero and Paima in the province of Ayabaca. and Tambogrande in the province of Piura. The production of cacao white is exactly 450 tons year, and occurs in an area of 120 hectares.

The main destination markets of cacao white beans are the countries of the European Union with more than 230 tons, being France the main consumer with something more than 150 tons.

This report, the leading publication of world Nat Geo, published on its official website, stated that Peru is home to 8 of the 10 varieties of cacao on the planet, including the cacao white.

“This is the jewel of the crown: the cacao of Piura is considered the best in the world and represents only 0.25% of the world production,” notes the publication.

European masters chocolatiers europeans came to these plantations, discovering new flavors, tastes more delicate and less bitter. From that moment on, the cacao white became a gem, known as ‘the best cacao in the world’, the criollo of white heart.

In the community of The Burning, in the province of Morropón, Piura, we Don Gerardo Pérez Jiménez, an experienced producer of Cacao White who tells us that he learned to cultivate it from the time of their grandparents, but in that moment, all is sold on the domestic market, and now thanks to the export you receive a fair payment for their work. Today Gerardo alongside other farmers to produce cacao white, flavors and in different shades, but very appealing to the consumer of this product that is unique in all the world.

The cacao Piura makes it easy to tell them apart. between citrus and fruit in the mouth, your notes with nuances of nuts. We talk about a chocolate less bitter and less acidic, which contains anthocyanin, a pigment, a water-soluble responsible for the purple color of the seeds in its interior, and which, among its nourishing properties, strengthen the body's immune system, so that helps to prevent cancer.

This is a chocolate more special, delicate and softwhose taste should be during the greater part of the year, the climate of the region of Piura is tropical. A fact that must have contributed to that was named one of the “50 best cacao beans at the global level”in the Hall of the Cacao and Chocolate from Paris.

This finding did that companies and drink makers that they had enjoyed a great reputation in the past years, after this discovery, decided to purchase cacao white north of Peru to make a chocolate special, and different, very distinguished from the usual.