Organic products

From its origin to your table

Incomparable flavors and aromas that delight demanding palates.

Healthy foods

For a sustainable future

We came to international markets through a fair trade.

Coffee, Cacao and panela sugar high quality

Sustainable agriculture for the world

Our products allow us to improve the living conditions of small-scale producers, empowering their production teams to produce vast amounts for international markets.

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Organic coffee

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Panela organic

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Organic Cacao

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From its origin to your table

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About Our Coffee, Organic panela sugar and Cacao

Organic production Quality

We devote primary attention to the cultivation of our products, to harvest and process; compliance with international norms and standards, with good agricultural practices that ensure an environment for socially responsible.


Our products contain organic certifications and safety guidelines which guarantees its quality.


We provide distribution services across international markets to meet the demands of our clients.



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INKAWORLD Corporation
P.O. Box 404
Walnut, Ca. 91788